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An effective retirement plan begins with sound plan design strategy and grows with attentive execution.  Specifically, a comprehensive Fiduciary Check-Up Program and annual Fiduciary Plan Review offer insight on how to improve value and promote operational efficiency.


Design elements impact every aspect of your plan—from investments and record keeping to compliance and communication.  In our experience with company plans, one overlooked

design flaw at the outset can cause unnecessary difficulties later.


McCulley Financial Group takes a proactive stance to help clients contain fees, expand provider services and enhance investment opportunities with an innovative fee benchmarking process.


Our unique process offers quantitative and qualitative metrics for a thorough and balanced analysis.  We proactively meet with providers, stay current on products, and participate in site visits for ongoing due diligence of each provider’s competitive advantages.



With McCulley Financial Group, a wealth of provider data is at our fingertips utilizing a powerful and accurate RFP System that stores thousands of knowledge points on more than 60 different service providers.  The entire system enables us to intelligently measure plan fees, services and investments. We can quickly and efficiently validate your decision to remain with your current provider or uncover justification to move to an alternative provider.


And, to ensure you receive end-to-end service, we also provide Complete Conversion Assistance when moving to an alternative plan provider is in your best interest. McCulley  Financial Group is the partner you can trust for the future.



As the cornerstone of our practice, MFG helps navigate fiduciary responsibility and enhance opportunities for participants through systematic, quantitative and qualitative investment analysis. Through an independent and unbiased Fiduciary Scorecard System, we provide with pinpoint precision the assistance you need to select, monitor, and evaluate funds within a best practices environment.  You know more because we know more


Well-qualified to formulate individual recommendations, our consultants apply profound knowledge in statistical analysis to go far beyond typical investment screenings.  Using the latest in technology and systems to produce best outcomes on your behalf, we will:


1)  Conduct Investment Analysis with an Exclusive Fiduciary Scorecard System


2)  Rank Hundreds of Funds, Managers and Strategies with Automated Precision


3)  Monitor Asset Allocation Funds and Models


4)  Uncover and Develop Greater Insights with an Unbiased Investment Research Team


5)  Deliver Valuable Investment Policy Statements, Quarterly Market Summaries

      and Online Report Access


More than 15 qualitative and quantitative metrics are used to select and rank funds, managers and investment strategies across multiple asset classes, style and peer group rankings, and risk-adjusted return characteristics.  This allows for incisive and objective reviews in the interest of your plan, your company, and your employees.


Trust that your investment review will run smoothly.  You will know exactly where your investments rank based upon our one to ten pass/fail scoring system.  Comprehensive reports and our monthly sponsor newsletters will keep you well-informed and current on industry trends and legislative developments.




We help maintain client compliance with the DOL, IRS and other regulatory bodies, and help improve investment opportunities for plan participants.  We become your co-fiduciary to the retirement plan as it relates to the selection and monitoring of investments, while providing ERISA 404(a), 404(c) and other compliance-related services to reduce your exposure.


We are privileged to serve some of the most progressive companies in America. Our clients had experienced our company’s high standard of performance. McCulley Financial delivers innovative services and solutions that can bring your company peace of mind. We are happy to provide our clients with these services:


• Plan Design Analysis

• Compliance Checklist

• Investment Policy Statement

• Fiduciary Plan Review

• 404(c) Policy Statement and Notice

• Custom Fee Disclosures

• Fiduciary File Checklist

• 404(a) Monitoring



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